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The game!
Lucius, a game that is interestingly creepy, entertainingly dark and awesomely good!
But first, have you guys seen the final destination movies? Or maybe that omen movie or how about that Matilda one?
No? Then listen carefully you asshole aliens/lizard people/sentient robots/humanoid spiders in human skins reading this, if you want to take over our planet, you better start respecting our pop culture first, okay?
Without it, neither you nor us can go anywhere in our destiny!
So…wait a minute, uh-oh!
Forget what is just said up there possible future earth dominators and wrap your heads around this!
So what do you get when you mix up the sneaky death patterns of the final destination with the angelic piece of turd kid from the omen and the psychic revenge shenanigans of Matilda from Matilda!
Lucius, of course!
The game tells the story about the rise of an antichrist child which is surprisingly not every child but this one!
The eponymous Lucius is a child born on June 6th, 1966 (ah!) and the night he turns six, the devil appears before him and states to him that he is his real father (because a father’s love needs dramatic effects to convey its authenticity) and that Lucius must destroy his wealthy and connected family members!
So that he could control all of his family’s empire to use it against the rise of humanity!
And thus begins the creepy yet ingenious game of Lucius where you have to murder your own family members, using your telekinesis and whatnot to form a chain of accidents, that could lead to a person’s death, separately!
Also there is a terrible horrible mystery of his family’s past with the devil (which apparently used to hang around the back of bars in the past/history), a maniac grandfather and a nosey detective that is like an inch away from finding the real culprit behind the murders!
The gameplay!
Lucius is a psychological horror, stealth game where you take the role of an evil child that has magical telekinesis, kinda like Matilda but evil, the game is played in the third person, behind the back camera perspective!
The objective of the game?
You have to dispose off of your each and every family member including the servants!
How? You instantly ask trying to hide your escaping deepest desires of fantasies through a creepy smile and a flickering right eye, well, hypothetical person, by laying traps using some legwork and mostly your telekinesis to perform a chain reaction of events that ends up taking someone’s life!
The game is mostly played inside a large manor, the graphics and the music are neat and the overall environment is dark and gloomy, like the 60’s are supposed to, especially in a wealthy manor, the kind of place that give births to children like Lucius and Bruce Waynes and 3 Johnny Depps!
Why are you killing these poor souls though, so that the power of the wealth and family reputation could come to you, and you could begin using your evil dominating plans to destroy humanity all over the world!
As you keep killing more and more people you get more and more powerful but there is a hurdle as well, a detective is brought in to look into the mysterious deaths of the family members and servants and he is hard on your tail, so there is that too!
Dark story, playing as the bad guy, cool powers, fun missions to kill people in smart ways, atmosphere that rivals Silent Hill series, good character development and background, creepy overall feels and no God!
Pointless to even say that this is one of the most awesome game experiences to have in the recent dark and smart gaming history!
The company!
Developed by Shiver Games and published by Lace Mamba Global and Shiver Games (digital) for PC it was released October 2012.
The appeal!
Kill your own family, the magical way!
Enough said.

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