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Shop Heroes Screenshot Shop Heroes is a free-to-play item shop simulation set in a fantasy world. The game was developed and published by Cloudcade in 2015 for Android, iOS and also playable in the web browser.

Start with a very small item shop and expand it to become the most popular item shop for all the adventuring heroes around the town. Hire workers for your shop with many different skills which can also be upgraded.(e.g. Alchemy, Woodworking, Weapon- and Armorcrafting). Design your shop with different furniture like workstations, resource bins, storages, racks and many available decorations. The shop's furniture can also be upgraded to increase storage for example.

Heroes will visit your shop to buy equipment for their adventures. When a client enters your shop, you have the following options: Give the client a discount or surcharge to the base price of the wanted item, compliment heroes which effects your energy in a positive or negative way depending on your success, refuse the order or sell the item to the client.

Build a city around your shop to create the necessary infrastructure for a successful shop. You can also join together with your friends to construct and upgrade buildings for the town.

You can send the heroes on adventures to find rare items needed to craft some equipment. If you craft items multiple times, you become more efficient in crafting this recipe. You will either need less resources, or gain more gold when selling an item, or unlock new blueprints.

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