Calculate Charge Damage for Your Murlocs

Select (dead) murlocs which should appear on the board
Charge Damage Total = 0

Click on the unit to remove it.

You can use this tool to calculate the charge damage for your murlocs.

After a murloc dies in your game (destroyed cards are being counted as well) put it into the "revival" pool by clicking it's card. After you have used the "Anyfin Can Happen" card a maximum of 7 dead murlocs will randomly revive. If a revived murloc dies it is being counted to the "dead murlocs pool" again, so this way you can have for example 4 murlocs warleaders 1 bluegill warrior and 2 old murloc eyes, which give you a charge damage of 42, so probably a one turn kill if prepared carefully (OTK).

For the case you already have more than 7 murlocs in the graveyard, you should calculate the worst and best cases manually.

The murlocs with charge have glowing image like in-game, so it is possible to check the charge damage of each murloc for the more complex situations where your opponent uses taunts, so you are forced to clear the taunters or even the whole board.

Here is an example of the decks using that combo: Murlocalypse

Good Luck!

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